This Caterer’s Career Became Upside Down, When She Was Asked To Cater A Wedding For An Extremely Low Price


What is the hardest job out there? We would say it’s working in the service industry, especially food and catering. One ought to go through several hard things when working in the service industry. Some of them include stressing about the competition between other restaurants and catering companies, dealing with rude customers, and being up-to-date on new trends and dietary fads. It’s obvious that each and everyone doesn’t the ability to be a part of this job.

Onequa Lamb found herself so passionate about culinary arts and thus she decided to start her career on that particular side. She had no idea that she would have to go through many “make-or-break” situations, even within the first few months in the business. Onequa was once got an offer to cater a wedding for an extremely low price, yet with high quality. How she responded to this offer changed her whole career.