Jackson Wang Is Making History as Chinese Solo Artist


Jackson Wang celebrated his success as both a GOT7 member and a Chinese solo artist. In honor of his new single “Pretty Please” global pop star Jackson Wang reflects on making history as a first-time solo artist.

Jackson Wang was a member of a Korean boy band GOT7. He released his single “100 Ways” in March of this year. This track debuted in the U.S. Top 40 Radio Chart which was a first such success for a Chinese solo artist in the chart’s history. Now his name is placing alongside artists like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.


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It made Wang feel “very blessed,” he said, “belongs to all the fans and supporters that supported me since day one and also supports me as a person and my music. Because of them, we have this result so I am very thankful.”

Wang achieved global success as a member of GOT7. However, he is still pulling double duty while releasing his material. The transition to a solo artist was not an easy one for him. He mentioned, “There’s a lot of stuff and decisions and the process of working is way more complicated because I have to be involved like every step, every detail, every part.”

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He stated, “Whereas, as a group, we can discuss, everyone is spitting out ideas, everyone is brainstorming and you get new ideas, you get inspired by other members’ conversations.” He continued, “As a solo artist, it was tough to start because I started Team Wang—my own company, my own team, my crew—with only two to three people, including myself, so I had to be involved in most of the work. A lot of things that’s not even something I used to do, such as strategizing, the creative, the execution. It was hard in the beginning. I’m still working hard, I’m still in the process of exploring new stuff and getting to know more and more about myself.”

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Before joining GOT7, Wang was a fencer, earning himself a scholarship to Stanford University. But he decided to build his career in music and eventually joined GOT7 in 2014. Now Wang is also celebrating the release of a new single, “Pretty Please”. We wish this rising star all the best.