E-Cigarette Can Damage Your DNA


A new study reveals that e-cigarettes produce chemicals that may damage your DNA cell. But the main concern is whether it can lead to cancer or not. Here is a brief explanation.

Credit: Thomas Bjornstad

The researchers said that e-cigarette can increase the levels of three DNA-damaging compounds. Additionally, four of the five e-cigarette users experienced DNA damage in their mouths compared with people who don’t take e-cigarette.

Credit: Rubén Bagüés

Silvia Balbo, senior investigator of this study said, “This is a device that is considered to be safer compared to regular cigarettes and I agree with that because we don’t have the same levels of carcinogens that are present in tobacco.”

Credit: FORMM agency

Silvia also added, “However, I think just considering these devices as safe by this comparison is not good enough,” Balbo said. “It’s not good enough to say something is safe because it isn’t as bad.”

Credit: Dima Kosh

However, this study does not prove that e-cigarettes cause cancer. Rather it reveals that the devices produce chemicals that damage DNA. These chemicals can lead to cancer. So further research is required to confirm whether e-cigarette cause cancer or not. Researchers are trying to find whether the levels of these chemicals are concentrated enough to be dangerous to human health or not.