Make a Plan For Plant-Based Diet


Meat causes 60 percent of food-related greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. So by eating less meat and dairy we can take an important step to reduce our dietary emissions.

Credit: Jan Sedivy

Scientists suggest that we need to reduce our consumption of all meat and dairy to prevent climate breakdown. By eating more grains, fruit, veg, and less meat, we can reduce the pressure to convert forests into farmland.

Credit: Giancarlo Duarte

To reduce your environmental impact, we need to eat organic food. Because organic food can help to tackle climate change by storing more carbon. Organic farming is also good for nature while intensive agriculture is dependent on chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It is very harmful to our wildlife and overall nature.

Credit: Katie Smith

So by eating healthy organic foods we can keep balance in our ecosystem. A healthy organic diet has enormous benefits on our environment as well as our health. By adopting a healthy, sustainable diet we can reduce our carbon footprint which can be helpful for a sustainable world.