Excessive Usage Of Hand Sanitizer Can Lead To Severe Hand Dermatitis


Nowadays hand sanitizer becomes the most important thing in our daily life. During this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic hand sanitizer is the product that is working to protect ourselves along with face mask and social distancing. But people are also encountering skin issues like severe dryness, burning, and redness of skin by using hand sanitizer.

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Different medical reports say that alcohol-based hand sanitizer is considered effective for eliminating the spread of the virus. However, excessive usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can lead to severe skin problems. Sometimes people experience skin issues like severe dryness, burning, and redness of the skin along with cracked or bleeding skin by using excessive hand sanitizer. 

In this situation, experts advise applying hand sanitizer in a limited amount. Limited usage is always the best option. Because an excess of anything can be disastrous. You can easily deal with germs and bacteria with a limited amount of hand sanitizer. 

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You also have to be aware of the unwanted chemical contamination in hand sanitizer. Several unwanted chemical contaminations are available in hand sanitizers that can be harmful to your skin. So you need to be sure that there are no unwanted or harmful chemicals in your hand sanitizer. 

Credit: Kelly Sikkema

If you have to use hand sanitizer for a long time then you can use moisturizing creams and healing ointment. These are the saviors from hand dermatitis that can lead to blessing your skin with the right health and texture again. You can also wear gloves overnight to heal the cracks on your skin.

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Moreover, washing your hands with soap and water is the best option to keep you safe from any virus. Wherever possible you should avoid using hand sanitizer and apply soap and water to wash your hands.