Ben Higgins & Jessica Clarke Are Postponing Their Wedding


Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke have decided to postpone their wedding ceremony due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bachelor star Ben Higgins shared the news on Tuesday’s episode of “The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast”. At that show, Ben Higgins said, “Ideally, it would have been this year we would [have] gotten married…November [2020] was the idea…COVID, you know, kind of stopped those plans.”


The season 20 star said that now they are looking at 2021 dates. However, they knew they couldn’t plan a wedding for the first four months of the year due to The Bachelor “Live On Stage Tour”. This tour is a good source of income for Ben and Clarke and they both pumped for it.


Ben Higgins said he and Clarke are now planning on having the wedding around November 2021. Ben said, “We don’t have an exact date yet. We’re finalizing the location of it…But I do believe that it will be in November of 2021 that we will be getting married.”

Earlier in March 2020 Ben and Clarke got engaged and now like many couples, they have to hold off on tying the knot due to the global coronavirus pandemic.