Scientists Are Stunned With The Curious Discovery Made By A Submarine In Lake Ontario


The everyday mind assumes that scientists have explored every corner of the earth but it is quite the contrary. Our planet still holds many secrets and unexplained mysterious, most of them hidden in plain sight. The basic facts are that 65% of our planet is unexplored and 95% of her water content remains a mystery to us.

Scientists Launch Investigation Into Lake Ontario When Submarine Sees This Lurking At The Bottom


Yes, that means there still CAN be mermaids! Why have we yet to map out the ocean? It’s for one simple reason, it is really tough. Think of the ocean as exploring a heavy dark mass of liquid atmosphere not much different from mapping outer space. With all that said, we have a story which follows an instance where one discovery led to the finding of something mythical, living, alien, and above all, extraordinary hidden in the watery depths of Lake Ontario.