The Role of Tea For Improving Cognitive Skills


If you are a tea lover then here is good news for you. A new study suggested that a cup of tea may help you to improve your brain health. This study revealed that consuming tea regularly can act as an energy booster for your mental health.

Credit: Manki Kim

Tea is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. There are many ways to enjoy the taste of this beverage. Some people like to add milk and some like to include flavors like ginger and cardamom to their tea. It is one of the most relaxing available beverages for all of us.

Credit: Erik Witsoe

According to the findings of a study, people who consume tea regularly can maintain cognitive abilities more effectively than those who don’t take tea. This study also suggested that consuming tea can play an important role in preventing cognitive decline. This study also found that tea also helps in warding off Alzheimer’s which is a chronic neurodegenerative disease and gradually worsens over time.

Credit: Carolyn V

The lead researcher Dr. Junhua Li from Tsinghua University in Beijing said, “Tea has been a popular beverage since antiquity, with records referring to consumption dating back to the dynasty of Shen Nong (approximately 2700 BC) in China.”

Credit: Carli Jeen

He also added, “In summary, our study comprehensively investigated the effects of tea drinking on brain connectivity at both global and regional scales using multi-modal imaging data and provided the first compelling evidence that tea drinking positively contributes to brain structure making network organization more efficient.”

The study analyzed two groups of healthy older participants based on their history of drinking tea. Researchers investigated both the functional and structural networks to reveal the role of tea in brain development.