Health Benefits of Vegetable Oil


Vegetable oil is a part of daily meals in many countries. It has traditionally been using for everyday diet across countries for years. People are using different types of vegetable oils like mustard seed oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil for cooking different dishes.

Credit: Tijana Drndarski

A Lancet report published earlier of this year stated that the total consumption of oils, as well as fats, should be restricted to about 10 teaspoons per day. This report includes visible fat from home-cooked food and invisible fat from packaged food. According to the report, more than half of fat should be sourced from a variety of unsaturated fats or vegetable sources.

Credit: Mike Kenneally

As vegetable oils are rich in good fats, you can easily use it for daily cooking. Most of the vegetable oils are heart-healthy and provide the right nutrients to maintain the optimum body functioning at the cellular level. You can enjoy several health benefits by replacing saturated fats with an unsaturated option.

Credit: Joanna Kosinska

For example, if you replace butter (saturated fat) with sunflower oil (unsaturated fat) you may able to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. It will minimize the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Credit: Jessica Lewis

Vegetable oils contain good quality fat. So you can use it as salad dressings or baking any oil-based cookies & biscuits. By implementing these simple and significant dietary changes, you may bring a positive impact on your health. So it can be said that as a conscious consumer, it is wise to replace trans-fat and high-saturated fat with vegetable oil-based foods.