Lele Pons Wants to Release “Raw” & “Unfiltered” Series on Her OCD


The world-famous influencer Lele Pons opens up about releasing a series on her OCD and other mental health conditions. She doesn’t want to keep any more secret and likes to share with her fans and followers.

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Social media star Lele’s Internet stardom started in 2013. Since then, she has been sharing comedy sketches and launched a music career. She has tens of millions of followers along the way. Earlier Lele said that she wouldn’t have been willing to share her mental health struggles with her fans and friends. 

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However, Lele Pons participated in a discussion with E!’s reporter Justin Sylvester. In that discussion, she impressed her fans as well as other YouTubers with her swift and positive responses. 

Lele said, “There’s so many people that came out saying that they have OCD as well…Parents have come to me saying that their kid has OCD.” 

Then she added, “There are some people that are just like, ‘This can’t be real.’ Because obviously some of them don’t understand what OCD is, and some of them haven’t seen me with OCD, of course. Like, I don’t show that. I’ve never shown that. Everybody’s, like, shocked.”

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She also explained “I kept it a secret for so long because I was really embarrassed…I didn’t want people to see me differently…I don’t know. I’ve had really bad experiences in the past, like when I was little with OCD, and people judging me. So I had that in my head for a while.”

She continued, “And then it got to a point where I couldn’t function anymore and my managers and my friends kind of noticed, and I had to be completely honest with them. But they took it in such a good way; like, they were so supportive that it kind of made me realize that maybe there are people that are super supportive of this.”

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After opening up to her friends, Lele wants to do the same with other people who have OCD. She said, “I’m sure going through this two-year process of making this documentary has honestly—I don’t want to say ‘relieved’ you—but it’s almost like you’re being completely and openly authentic about who you are.”

At the end of the discussion, Lele encouraged her fans who might be struggling with OCD to get help. She suggested that they can reach out to a loved one or they can visit the resources like the International OCD Foundation.