Some Health Myths You Can Ignore


We all are familiar with some common statements about our health. But all of those are not scientifically proved and good for our health. Let’s see a few of those:

Credit: Jana Sabeth

Take 8 glasses of water per day

You don’t need to count the cups of water. You just need to consume enough water to fill your thirst. Scientists found that when a person gets enough water to fill the thirst then it is enough to stay healthy and hydrated. Different water-rich fruits like soup, fruits, and vegetables may help you to fill the need for liquid of your body. You just need to be aware of taking enough water when your urine is dark yellow or you are living in a hot climate.

Credit: Tengyart

Eggs are bad for your heart

People are listening to this myth for years. But eating an egg or two doesn’t raise the risk of heart disease in healthy and active people. So omelet lovers can rejoice easily! Though yolk contains some fat, it is not bad for our health. We all take some amount of fat from everything we eat. A certain amount of fat is not bad for our bodies. Eggs have other nutrients that can play an important role to lower the risk of heart disease.

Credit: Giulia Bertelli

Antiperspirant causes breast cancer

Some people think that the chemicals of antiperspirants and deodorants can be absorbed through our underarms. It is assumed that these chemicals can make tumors that cause breast cancer. But there is still no scientific evidence that there is an association between antiperspirant and breast cancer.

Credit: Anshu A

Consume multivitamin daily

You don’t need to take a multivitamin daily. People believe that they have to take a multivitamin daily to cover the nutrients they aren’t taking from their diet. If your doctor tells you to take vitamin then you should take it. Otherwise, you don’t need to take multivitamins every day. You can consume all the required nutrients from a healthy diet filled with vegetables, fruits, healthy oil, whole grains, and nuts.