Store Leftovers Safely During Coronavirus Crisis


People are getting panic during this coronavirus pandemic. They are stocking up and purchasing all sorts of groceries, from tinned food to toilet paper. They are wondering how it would be possible to maintain healthy eating during this critical situation. None of us are interested to go to the supermarket for purchasing daily necessaries. Rather people are trying to store their leftovers for future usage. Here are some tips for you to store and prepare leftovers properly.

Credit: Marco Guerrero

Improper storage may lead to food poisoning. In fact, it can be a cause of death. So you need to take sufficient care while preparing or storing your foods in the refrigerator or freezer. It is wise to place your perishable foods within two hours of being cooked.

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Furthermore, those foods require cold storage need to be kept safely. Cooking doesn’t remove all the concerns from food. You need to keep your perishable foods at the recommended temperature. So always try to place your leftovers at a perfect temperature.

Credit: Brooke Lark

While storing your foods try to use a tightly sealed container. You can divide large amounts of food into shallow containers. Try to cut or slice the whole food items and keep those in some small containers. Larger items like casserole dishes should be packed in smaller portions.

Credit: Mike Tinnion

Moreover, always wear a clean apron and maintain hygiene while preparing leftovers. Proper hygiene practice may help you to avoid foodborne illness. Otherwise, you can be infected by dangerous germs through your leftovers. So it is very important to store your leftovers properly.