Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook Are Celebrating Two Years Completion of Their Wedding


Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco are going to celebrate a huge milestone. Kaley and her husband Karl are moving in together almost 2 years after the wedding.

Credit: eonline.com

Recently the Big bang Theory actress has shared a post on Instagram that this couple has officially moved in together almost two years after the wedding. The 34-years-old actress posted a romantic snap where her husband was kissing her on the cheek. She captioned the beautiful shot as “Home”.

Earlier of this month, this actress expressed her excitement while she was finally sharing a home with her husband after marrying in June 2018.

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She added, “I’m actually excited. We’re totally ready, you know,” she told the publication. “We do both travel a lot, which I think is very healthy. Our time at home is minimal, which makes us super appreciate it.”

Credit: eonline.com

As now this actress is busy with her upcoming television series named “The Flight Attendant Overseas” so she is interested to give us a tour inside of their humble abode by sharing romantic snaps in social media.