Justin Bieber Brings New Singles to “Saturday Night” Stage Show


Justin Bieber returned to the “Saturday Night Live” stage in the first appearance since 2013. It was Bieber’s first TV appearance all together in over three years. Here this singing star brought two new tracks off his upcoming album, Changes. 

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Bieber’s appearance on this show comes nearly nine years later. His last time performance on the show was in Feb 2013. Bieber took the stage for the first performance of the night. Here he sang his new single, “Yummy”.

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His first appearance was interesting indeed. It was a green-screen set that ultimately served as a backdrop for some striking lighting. The star was rocking with matching lime pants. His fans will go to take the footage and green-screen in their weird backgrounds. If that wasn’t his intention, it’s absolutely what is going to happen.

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In his second performance, Bieber opted for a more kinetic backdrop. He performed his heartfelt tune “Intentions” in front of a brick façade with pink and blue dancing neon lights.

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The 25-year-old singer just released his music video on Thursday. He encouraged his fans to check out his new music tracks. On the social media Instagram, he wrote, “Make sure to watch the live TV debut of the great Mustachio tonight on @nbcsnl. I will be there to support him as well”