A Brief Review of Optavia Diet


Optavia diet is a special kind of diet that encourages you to lose weight by consuming low calorie, prepackaged products, and a few simple home-made meals. It also requires one-on-one support from a coach. Some people don’t have enough time to make meals in the kitchen. Some also don’t enjoy cooking. The Optavia diet is the best option for those people. It allows them to minimize their time in the kitchen. Here is a brief review of this kind of diet. It may help you to explore the effectiveness of this diet and also guide you to decide if it’s a good fit for you.

Credit: Max Oh

Though this diet has been shown to result in short-term weight loss, more research is required to understand the long-term effectiveness of this diet. It is a diet that is owned by a meal replacement company. This low-calorie diet promotes packaged foods with little home-made meals to encourage weight loss. If you are not interested in cooking, you can use pre-made low carbs, protein-rich meals that can help you to replace your lean and green foods.

Credit: Louis Hansel

This diet is designed to help people lose weight. Some studies show that meal replacement plans yield greater weight loss compared with traditional calorie-restricted diets. Studies also reveal that in the short term overall calorie intake is effective for weight and fat loss. However, the long-term effectiveness is still unknown to us.

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This diet plan has some additional health benefits. As it is a very simple diet plan, so everyone can follow it easily. It offers ongoing support and limits your sodium intake. So it can be helpful for reducing blood pressure in some individuals. However, it has some possible downsides. Sometimes the rapid reduction in calorie consumption may lead to significant muscle loss. Calorie reduction may result in essential nutrients deficiency. Furthermore, it can be costly. Sometimes it can lead to weight regain after you stop the diet plan.

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In a nutshell, this diet plan promotes short-term weight loss. But further research is required to assess the long-term success of this diet plan. As it restricts calories and relies heavily on processed foods, you should consult with your dietician before planning for this diet program.