Some Great Substitutes for Parsley


Parsley is a green leaf that is commonly used as a garnish for your cooked dishes. It is a mild herb that can add a fresh, herbaceous flavor to your innovative cooking. This versatile herb is available in two basic types – flat and curly leaves. You can find it as fresh or may like to use the dried option of this herb. This wonderful herb contains very few calories and rich in vitamins and minerals. But you can some other substitutes in your cooking that can offer a similar flavor and appearance. Here are some tips regarding these parsley substitutes that can help you in the kitchen.

Credit: Sara Dubler

There are several herbs and green leaves that can be used in place of parsley in cooking. Here are some great substitutes for fresh and dried parsley.


It is closely related to parsley and commonly used in French cuisine. Although it has a milder flavor, it can be considered as a good substitute for fresh or dried parsley. It is almost identical in appearance to flat-leaf parsley. However, you may need to more amount of chervil in cooking to get the same taste like parsley.

Credit: Paweł Czerwiński


It is a staple herb that is a slightly different taste than parsley. As it complements many flavors, so you need to use it in a small amount as a garnish. This herb is very helpful to improve blood sugar control. So people with high blood sugar can easily apply it in their cooking.


This herb is a member of the mint family. It has a very strong savory taste. You can use this as a great substitute for parsley while garnishing your food. You can use it in cooking as dried or fresh. As it has a much stronger flavor, try to apply less oregano than parsley.

Credit: Lindsay Moe


This herb has a similar taste like onions and garlic. It is bright in color and resembles small green onions springs. By using chives you can add color and flavor to dishes which can be considered as an excellent replacement for parsley.

Credit: Pooja Chaudhary

So, it is true that parsley is a great herb to apply in cooking and as a garnish. But if you don’t have any parsley on hand, you can use several alternatives to make your dishes colorful as well as flavorful. The above tips will help you keep cooking, even if you happen to run out of parsley.