How to Research Solo Travel Destinations?


While traveling as a solo female traveler you need to take proper preparation for planning your tours. You should do sufficient research to gather all the required information. You have to decide what you should do, where should you go, and how to navigate new places. Here are some advice and tips for women travelers to show how they can research and plan their next trips.

Credit: Yujia Tang

Do online research

You can get lots of travel ideas from social media. You can just follow some influential accounts and mark the places that particularly looks beautiful. You can save those for deciding future travel destinations. If your budget, time and preferences are all in alignment, you can go to those places during planning for next trips.

Check if the destination good for solo travelers

When you plan for a trip as a solo female traveler, you should consider those places that can produce more social experience for solo travelers. If a place is famous for well-known activities or some kind of cultural event, you are much more likely to find other solo travelers participating in those experiences.

Credit: Joel Mott

Review the visa situation

Visa is the next thing that you need to consider before start planning for tours. Some countries need a longer time to get a visa. Some countries will not provide a visa on time. So it’s better to plan and complete visa processing ahead of time. So research to see what the visa requirements are for you.

Plan your travel activities

You may not plan all the activities before visit the places physically. However, you can decide some points after getting the destination places. But what you can do is to make a list of your desired activities that you want to do. You can save places that you want to visit in Google Maps with “want to go” flags. You also can download offline maps for future usage.

Credit: Ibrahim Rifath

Make the bookings

There are lots of sites that may help you to book your accommodations and mode of transports. If you are a new traveler, it’s better to book for your first few days. Otherwise, you may face a problem with searching accommodations just after arriving at your destination places. If you don’t want to book the transport, you can just review the different modes of transport that are available in the places you are going to visit. It will help you to get an idea about the transport system in your traveling area.

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Moreover, your proper research and plan will guide you while traveling as a solo female traveler. You can take decisions smartly that may help you to save time in the long run.