Main Reasons to Experience Joint Pain


Joint pain restricts you to live life to the fullest. It reduces your ability to stay active. Studies found that women are more likely to suffer from joint pain than men. The human body has 360 joints and you can experience joint pain in any stage of your life. Some lifestyle factors may promote joint pain. Here we are trying to explain some basic reasons for joint pain and some useful ways to overcome this.

Credit: Jesper Aggergaard

Women are at a higher risk of developing joint pain due to some specific reasons. Women have increased joint compared to men. They have a particular female body structure and ligament mobility that promotes joint pain. As women are more limber, so they have more elasticity of the joints. It allows more movement of the joint and creates a great cause for developing joint pain.

Credit: Louis Hansel

The female hormone estrogen plays a vital role to promote joint pain. Cartilage is a flexible tissue that protects your joints. But when estrogen level decreases the amount of cartilage also decreases. As the female body experiences a low amount of estrogen during the menstrual cycle as well as during menopause so women are at higher risk of developing joint pain.

Credit: I Yunmai

Obesity is another reason for joint pain. It increases the risk of joint pain for both men and women. The study states that every additional pound of body weight can put four pounds of weight in the knee. So the higher levels of stress may cause joint pain in your body.

Credit: Katee Lue

However, you can take several steps to minimize and stop the joint pain. The first rule that you need to follow is to maintain an appropriate weight. The more weight you carry, the more force on your joints and it will result in severe joint pain. Secondly, you have to stay active. Always find the activities that you enjoy. You can engage yourself at different outdoor activities like swimming, cycling which will help you to stay active. Thirdly, strengthen your muscles. Especially the muscles that surround the joint. This will help you to protect and reduce the amount of stress on joints. You can consult with a physical therapist to develop strong muscles. Thus maintaining a healthy routine and balanced lifestyle you will be able to keep your joints pain free.