These Wedding Dresses Are A Crime Against Fashion And We Just Have No Words


Every person has a vision of how they want to look like on their wedding day. Some want to keep it understated, while others want to go all out. Either way, the end goal is to always look one’s best, right?

That is what we had assumed before we saw these images. The people featured on this list have, some of the more… interesting wedding styles in mind and by interesting we mean, quite frankly, ugly. If you are looking for wedding inspiration, this place is not for you but in need of a good laugh? Then scroll down below.

01. Feeling comfortable

It’s important to feel comfortable on your big day, which can be a difficult task if you’re expecting a baby. Many couples choose to get hitched before they bring a baby into the world, and it seems as though this woman was no different.

However, she didn’t want a whole load of fabric pressing down on her belly and making her feel all constricted. So, she decided just to cut the whole thing up and roll with it. Either that or she wanted to look like avocado for her big day.