Importance of Unstructured Playtime for Kids


Nowadays kids are busy with lots of activities like soccer on Monday, swimming on Thursday and the list goes on. They have no time for any unstructured playtime. Research shows that activities with no coaches and teachers can be useful to develop the brain of the children. Unstructured playing activities with no rules and directions may help children to increase their creativity and enhance confidence level. When children are playing with their imagination, it strengthens their social skills as well as teach them to solve problems by balancing emotions. Here are some tips to motivate the kids for their unstructured playtime.

Credit: Robert Collins

Our lives are mostly driven by the calendar. So it’s very important to make time for such things as unstructured activities. But you have to make a schedule to allow your kids for screen-free playtime. You have to give your child the freedom to discover their capability. Let them spend time with colors and muds. You can take your kids to a playground or natural park and let them run wild. Let your kids get wet by throwing rocks in the stream or fill their pockets with wild stone.

Credit: Scott Webb

As a parent you need to be a hummingbird, but not a helicopter. It is important to protect and help your children. But you also need to allow them to find a way to solve any problem. For example, let your kids figure out how to zip his/her coat. It will help your child to develop determination and increase concentration to handle the critical situation. Let the children explore new things. Allow more space for imagination. You can take a family outing to a nearby trail and let your kids enjoy aimlessly.

Credit: MI PHAM

Don’t cancel hockey practice due to the math club. Structured activities are the same important as unstructured activities. Structured activities will help your kids to develop social skills. These are also important to teach discipline and self-esteem. So you need to create a balance.

Credit: Leo Rivas

You are the best example for your kids. You can say all by saying nothing. You just need to do some meaningful yet carefree acts that may emulate your kids to perform those activities. Allow them to enjoy the peacefulness of nature and illuminate their imagination.