How to Cope with Grief During Holidays


Holidays are not only important for you but also for your friends and family. But if you have experienced the death of someone dear in this moment, it may be difficult for you to cope with grief. Most of the time this experience and feeling of loss are heightened and you are unable to feel the joy of the holidays. The pain and sadness associated with the memories of your loved one may increase. All the members of a family may experience a sense of dread while the rest of the world seems to be celebrating the festival. Here are some tips to help you and your family members to cope with grief during holiday seasons.

Credit: Ben White

The first thing that you need to do is to make a plan with your family. Create a plan for your holiday that ensure the happiness of all the members. Always remember that you are not alone and you have some duties to your family and friends. Focus on what you really need and do what you enjoy. Try to spend more time with your close friends. A proper plan will help you to be respectful towards your feeling and energy.

Credit: Ann Danilina

Always consider the needs of children. If your family has children then try to keep consistency and never drop the children into a mental trauma. If the closest one died in this holiday season then there might be still a way to celebrate the festivals. Grief will be certainly a part of our life experience. But don’t make it the only consideration of life.

Credit: Ben White

You have to realize that the grief is unique and each one has to face it in one’s own way. At the same time, you have to understand that every family member has different needs during this time. So it is important to stay flexible and act accordingly. Make your own time for self-care. Allow proper time and space for the feeling. A good amount of time will help you manage this difficult time to handle. Try to take a nap and eat nutritious food as these are necessary to keep you healthy and strong enough.

Credit: Rosie Fraser.

It is truly getting through this difficult time is painful. Sometimes discussing with a counselor may support you to tackle this hard time. But the most important thing is the capability to face reality and desire to move forward for a better future.