Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Exercise


High-intensity exercise is a specialized workout that involves short intervals of maximum intensity exercise. The low-intensity exercise allows longer intervals. But when you practice high-intensity interval training, the intervals involve maximum effort. The interval may range from five seconds to eight minutes. It allows you to spend less time on the workout.

Credit: Valery Sysoev

The low-intensity exercise allows a recovery interval. It will make you physically active and make you comfortable. It allows you to recover and prepare for the next intense exercise. You can easily carry on a conversation during the recovery interval. But the high-intensity interval exercise doesn’t allow you a long interval between two workouts. You may not carry on a normal conversation during this interval as your heartbeat rate is higher. But it will allow you to burn more calories at a shorter time. So the high-intensity interval exercise should be a part of your workout routine. The few benefits of high-intensity interval exercise are illustrated below:

Enhance your present status

High-intensity interval exercise is not a new way of workout. It is just a new way to incorporate your fitness routine. You don’t need to buy any new equipment or change your gym set-up. You just need to bring change into your current preferred exercise. You may choose running, cycling, walking, swimming or group fitness classes to maintain high-intensity interval exercise.

Credit: Sergio Pedemonte

Burn more calories in a short time

This type of workouts will provide you similar benefits but in shorter periods of time. High-intensity interval workouts tend to burn more calories in less time. You can burn 10 to 15 percent more calories than traditional workouts. High-intensity intervals push your body into the hyper-repair mood. It can help you to lose more fat.

Credit: Alora Griffiths

Build your muscles strong

The effects of the high-intensity intervals workouts are immense. It keeps your muscle mass. It allows you to preserve hard-earned muscles. It ensures that most of the weight loss comes from fat stores. Steady-state workouts encourage the muscle to lose fat. But this type of workout keeps your muscles strong and healthy.

Credit: Daniel Apodaca

In sum, these workouts provide quicker results and improve your aerobic capacity. But always keep in mind that before starting a high-intensity workout, consult with your health provider. Jumping right into a high-intensity interval exercise routine is not a good idea. Prior to beginning the high-intensity exercise, you should establish a basic level of fitness.