6 Workouts to Reap Fitness Benefits Outside The Gym


Sometimes it is difficult to spend our fleeting time inside a gym. But there are some great ways to try new outdoor activities. These workouts wouldn’t feel like exercise. Rather these would great sources of fun and enjoyment. Here are some examples of workouts that give you the fitness benefits outside the gym.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a challenging workout. It is a combination of physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. It is not necessary to be super fit to participate in rock climbing. You can easily boulder five feet off the ground and practice it on a regular basis. You have to maintain good techniques for climbing walls of varying difficulties. You also can get inspiration by watching or following the elite climbers.

Credit: Yns Plt

Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding can be considered as a good outdoor exercise. While you are performing paddle boarding, you have to use your leg, back and abdominal muscles to work together. You also need to use your arms, and shoulders to maintain balance. It is a fantastic way of social gathering. At the same time, it is an excellent combination of friends, natural scenery, and effective workout.


Kayaking is a low impact activity that allows you to see the world from a new viewpoint. Slow kayaking in the water may help you to reduce the stress put on joints. While kayaking you need to apply pressure with your legs. So this workout is a great way for strengthening the torso and legs. It also helps you to improve your aerobic fitness.

Credit: David Straight


It is a healthy outdoor exercise for all ages. Both children and adults can enjoy this activity. It is also a great way to spend quality time with your friends and families. Just make sure that you have enough paved bike paths to move safely.

Credit: Jonny Kennaugh


Dancing is a great way of improving muscle strength. It also can increase cardiovascular endurance. The best part of dancing is you never feel that you are doing any workout. It is a combination of great fun and physical activities. You can easily join any local dance classes and participate in the freestyle moves.

Credit: Nadim Merrikh


It is another wonderful outdoor activities that increase cardiovascular endurance. It also can improve your muscle strength. Swimming laps will help you to keep muscle strong. You also can use a kickboard to focus on leg muscles or log floats to focus on arm muscles.

Other outdoor activities like hiking or martial arts might be a great way to improve your fitness. Thus outdoor activities can help you not only by refreshing your mind but also by keeping you more healthy and active.