4 Common Eating Disorders That You Need to Know


An eating disorder is about more than just taking foods. It is a complex mental health condition that causes unhealthy eating habits. The eating disorder might start with an obsession with food, body weight, and body shape. Sometimes eating disorders can cause serious health consequences. So this range of psychological conditions requires lots of medical interventions. Many people are suffering or suffered from eating disorders at some point in their life. Here you will get an idea about four common eating disorders.

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Anorexia nervosa

It is the most common eating disorder. It generally develops among the young generation in their adolescent period of life. Women are more likely to suffer in this type of eating disorder than men. People who are suffered in anorexia view themselves as overweight. Even though they are not overweight, they avoid certain types of foods that contain more calories.

Bulimia nervosa

It is another well-known eating disorder. It tends to develop among adolescent boys and girls. People with this eating disorder frequently eat a large amount of food in a certain period. But after that, they get afraid of gaining excessive weight. Despite being at a normal weight, they think that their body weight is not perfect. In some serious cases, it can create an imbalance in levels of electrolytes which can cause a stroke or heart attack. There are some common side effects of bulimia including sore throat, swollen glands, tooth decay, acid reflux, and severe dehydration.

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Binge eating disorder

Though this type of eating disorder is common in older age, it can begin during the adolescent period. People who are suffering in this type of disorder might regularly or uncontrollably consume large amounts of foods in a short time. But they do not purge and not even try to reduce their weight. They often have overweight or obesity. It may increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

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It is an unusual type of eating disorder. It involves eating things that are not considered as foods. People with this type of eating disorder start eating non-food substances like ice, soil, chalk, soap, paper, wood, cloth or cornstarch. This disorder increases the risk of poisoning, infections and gut injuries. This eating disorder may develop among children, pregnant women or people with mental disabilities.

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In addition to the above-mentioned disorders, many other eating disorders also exist. The above-mentioned disorders are meant to provide a better understanding and dispel myths about those. Eating disorders are mental health conditions that require proper treatment.