Keep Your Joints in Good Working Order


The joints of our body are the intricate structures that allow us to stand, sit, walk, talk, bend, and thousands of other movements of daily life. Our joints are the hardest working parts of the body. In every movement, our joints need to perform a lot of work. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons around the joints need to be flex, extend, twist or stretch. So it is very important to give your joints a break and relax. If you already have some arthritis or joint problems, you need to do regular exercise to maintain a range of motion. Here are some tips to keep your joints in good working conditions by strengthening the muscles around the joints.

Credit: Jonathan Borba

Reduce your extra weight

Excess weight can add extra load on your weight-bearing joints. It also increases the risk of arthritis. The rate of arthritis is higher among the people who are obese. So if you want to keep you away from arthritis you need to lose weight. It can reduce the added pressure to your joints and keep you healthy.

Credit: Jenny Hill

Maintain low-impact activities

High-impact activities like running, stair climbing or jumping may put excessive stress on your joints. If you are over-weight then it may increase the weight load to your joints more with every step. So try to perform low-impact activities like stationary bikes, rowing machines, treadmill walking or swimming. These low-impact activities may give you the same aerobic and muscle-strengthening benefits as well as keep your joints stress free. These activities also help you to lose weight.

Maintain a healthy living style

It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You need to eat healthily and incorporate your daily living accordingly. If you have a toddler that needs to be picked up frequently, then you should practice lifting a weight similar to the size of your child. It will not create any extra pressure on your joints and you can strengthen any of the muscles you want. Just talk to your trainer and health consultant that can help you to imitate activities of daily living.

Credit: Anna Pelzer

Be flexible

Regular exercise is very important for your joints muscles. Exercise can increase the flexibility that can improve your joint health. Flexible exercise like yoga can motivate you to maintain the range of motion.

Listen to your mind

When it comes to joint health you need to listen to your body. You should work or take a load that much until your joint muscles response positively. If you feel tired then don’t create any pressure. Your body has a certain capacity and its response accordingly. Give your joints enough rest so that these can be in good working order for a long time.