Helping Men to Ask For Help


Researchers say that men are less likely than women to seek help. We all have to face a wide range of stressful life events like depression, substance abuse, physical disabilities, and anxiety. But men are generally refuse to ask for directions in those situations. This resistance to help-seeking behavior makes them eventually more fade away.

Credit: Ben White

Though the exact cause is not known, it is thought that our social structure is playing important roles behind this attitude. From an early age of life, boys are taught to deal with difficulties. It is always told that boys have to be tough and bold. Parents, friends, teachers, media are saying that boys have to “be a man”. Most of the people around us believe that men need to handle any difficult situation without any help.

Credit: Karl Fredrickson

When boys grow into men, they have a stigma of mental health conditions. They think that it is less manly to ask for help or have treatment for mental health conditions. Unfortunately, they have to suffer silently which may deteriorate their mental health well-being. But mental health conditions have a tremendous impact on individuals, families, and communities. Here are some tips to help men who are living with mental health conditions:

Many men refuse to admit their problems or seek help. They think that it is uncommon and make it unusual to society. But it is very important to help them to understand that they are not alone. When they can realize that they are not alone, they can acknowledge their mental health problems. It will be the first step to overcome this situation.

Credit: Joshua Earle

Furthermore, men need to realize that a problem doesn’t define them. We all have some problems and individual characteristics. Our depression cannot define us. We all have to face it and need to take proper steps to overcome it.

Men need to fight against stigma. Many men don’t want to seek help because they are worried about how people will see them. But it should be realized that seeking help is not representing your weakness. Rather it is a positive attitude to face reality.

Credit: Tom Pumford

Moreover, we all have our limitations and we need to face it to win the ultimate goal of our life. The depression, anxiety, stress substance abuse are treatable conditions. We can easily manage these mental health concerns and move forward for our better life.