Tips for Healthy and Affordable Cooking


If you want to eat healthily, it doesn’t mean that you need to cost the earth. You always can prepare some healthy dishes at a cheap rate. You just have to know some useful tips to maintain quick and inexpensive cooking. Here is a brief and effective guideline for affordable cooking.

Be vegetables friendly

Vegetables are a great source of energy and nutrition. These are available in plenty and comparatively less expensive. You can easily save your pennies by purchasing and making vegetable dishes. You can prepare vegetarian soups, curries, and salad. Many vegetables can be stored in a fridge for convenient midweek meals. You can use potatoes and pulses for your healthy and cheap cooking. Potatoes are rich in vitamins B6 and C. The skins of potatoes are high in fiber. Pulses are an essential source of energy. These are not only cheap but also low-fat and packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Credit: De la Maza

Use whole grain items

Whole grain can be considered as a quality carbohydrate. These have a positive effect on our digestive health. White pasta or bread is made from refined grains. So these are low in nutrition compared to their raw ancestors. You can also use oats which is a very good breakfast item to start your day.

Credit: Wesual Click

Shop locally

Local markets have a wide variety of home-grown fruits and vegetables. You can easily bargain and get fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices here. Prepare some healthy smoothie and satisfying veggie soups and stews for your family.

Choose smartly

You need to be a little bit tricky while choosing your items for cooking. You can use garlic and onions which are not only available in plenty but also packed with anti-bacterial properties and nutrients. These are great in soups, salad, and stir-fries. Tinned fish like tuna and sardines are good sources of protein, iron and omega-3 fatty acids at affordable prices.

Credit: Maarten van den Heuvel

Enjoy seasonal splendor of nature

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are available at a cheap rate. So if you want to get maximum nutrition at a lower price, you need to buy the seasonal fruits and vegetables available in the market.

Credit: Luke Michael

Never throw away the foods

Always try to use your leftovers. If you are in a habit of throwing away the leftovers, then try to change it. You can easily store the leftovers and use it as another dish for the next day. You also can take the leftovers at your next lunch or dinner. You just need to keep those leftover items safely.