How to Buy Healthier Granola


Granola is one of the most common foods in our daily diet. But sometimes we get confused about some basic questions about consuming granola. You might be interested to know whether granola is good for your health or not. Here we will like to explain a few fundamental points that may guide you to buy healthier granola.

Credit: Rachael Gorjestani

Granola is a breakfast cereal. It is similar to muesli. You may find granola coated in some form of sugar. Honey can give it a crunchy and chunky texture. Oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are the common ingredients of granola.

As granola is high in sugar, so you should consume it the recommended portion. But you might be confused about the normal portion of granola that you need to consume. The typical serving size should be 40-45g. It is approximately half a cup or 6 tablespoons.

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Granola can be one of the best options for a balanced diet. If you can consume it appropriately, it may give you lots of health benefits. You can easily add some milk, fresh fruits or natural yogurt to prepare a more balanced breakfast. Besides, you can add some cinnamon for extra flavor. This type of breakfast can be a good source of vitamins and minerals and you can get lots of energy for the whole day.

The nutritional profile of granola depends on the recipe you are following. If you include lots of dried fruits while preparing granola, then it will increase the natural sugar content. On the other hand, if you include nuts and seeds with granola, it will be rich in fiber, fat, and protein.

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A typical oat and raisin granola is a good source of vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium. But you need to read the nutritional labels before purchasing granola. If you are looking for a healthier choice, you should find the best one that contains the maximum nutrients. Many brands and flavors are available in the market. Try to avoid the luxury branding which includes hidden ingredients and maybe not good for your health.

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You can select brands that contain lots of oats, nut, and seeds. These are typically higher in protein and fiber and lower in sugar and salt. You may like to consume chocolate granola as an occasional treat. But don’t take this type of breakfast daily. Always try to choose brands with low levels of added sugar and stay healthy.