Healthy Dishes for Halloween


Most people believe that Halloween is all about chocolate and sweets. But it’s not true. You can discover many healthy treats at your Halloween party. You may like to try some scary snacks and monstrous meals that can bring a spine-chilling spirit to your party. You can throw a Halloween party and make your guests surprised by delivering spooky buffet nibbles like pumpkin humans or carver peppers. Here are some attractive Halloween cooking ideas for you.

Stuffed peppers for Halloween

Pumpkins are not the only vegetable that you can carve. You can easily turn tasty roast peppers into scary shapes. These are simple to manage and easily available. If you wish you can fill it with a vegetarian grain mix. You also can fill it with gloopy tomatoes or slithery spaghetti. Decorate it at the corner or in the middle of the bowl and you will find a truly terrifying result.

Credit: NordWood Themes

Halloween nachos

Prepare bat-shape tortilla chips. These crispy chips will add great fun to your Halloween party. Taste it with chilling dips to add some goodness in this Halloween party buffet spread. This dish is not only tasty and yummy but also good for your health. It is rich in fiber. So you can easily enjoy the whole grain nachos without any hesitation. The crunchy scary nachos will make your mood in this Halloween eve.

Credit: Herson Rodriguez

Halloween pizzas

Kids are fond of pizza. If you decorate it with olive spiders or any other terrifying topping then they will love it more. You can use vegetables to decorate the topping of the pizzas. It will make pizza healthier for your kids. Allow the kids to create their eerie design with the pre-prepared vegetables. It will be great fun for the kids too. You can use wholemeal flour to prepare the base of the pizza. It will add some extra nutrients. Try to keep the salt level low while baking the pizzas.

Credit: Brenan Greene

Pumpkin pancakes

Pancakes are favorite to all ages. Seasonal pumpkin or butternut squash can make it more delicious. You can easily add pumpkin while making your pancakes. This pumpkin pancake can be served with yogurt and fresh fruit. Decorate some pumpkin humans to add some flavor of Halloween. It will make your fiendishly good Halloween breakfast or brunch more enjoyable.

Credit: Luke Pennystan

Thus using a bit of imagination you can transform the classic regular dish into scream-worthy Halloween special. So, prepare the yummy healthy dishes and enjoy this Halloween with your friends and families.