Handy Guide to Use Grains


Whether it is brown rice or buckwheat all types of grains are good for your health. But sometimes you may get confused about how to use grains in your recipe. Here are some useful tips regarding how to use grain in your daily diet. It may guide you to use the grain appropriately.


Quinoa is a very versatile food. You can use it in salads or pilafs. It also can be used for stuffing on meat or vegetables. Different kinds of soups, stews, porridge, and desserts are suitable to prepare with quinoa. It is available in mild, nutty, and slightly bitter flavor.

Credit: Ella Olsson


You can use it to make porridge, salads, stews, and soups. It tastes sweeter when you use it with other grains. Herbaceous, grassy and sticky flavors are available. It goes well with nuts, honey, cinnamon, and chocolate.

Credit: Alexander Mils


It is available in earthy, dark and meaty flavor. It goes very well with foods that contain natural sweetness or saltiness. It can be a great pair with miso, roast beetroot, seafood, and mushrooms. You can also taste it with creamy foods. Buckwheat can be used in salads, risotto, and pilafs. Soups and muesli also can be prepared with it. The flour of this grain is very good for preparing pancakes and other baked items.


It has a great texture and can be a good pair with almost anything. You can taste it with sweet or savory. But the most delicious taste can be found with oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and chocolate. The most available flavor is neutral and mild. You can easily use it with smoothies, dressing, baked foods and sprinkle over salads.

Credit: Sambazon

Brown rice

It tastes slightly sweet and chewy. It goes very well with other nuttiness, sweetness or saltiness foods. You can use it with roasted vegetables, dried fruits, and nuts. It is also great with feta cheese and Asian flavors. Easily usable in salads, stir-fries and rice pudding.

Credit: Annie Spratt

There are other common grains like millet, oats, spelled, and pearl barley. All the grains are very healthy and tasty. You can use those in the various recipe and make you daily dishes yummy as well as nutritious.