Best Ways to Cook Mashed Potatoes


Mashed potatoes are one of the best sides of this Thanksgiving occasion. Everyone is looking forward to mashed potatoes especially on this occasion. But if the mashed potatoes are cold, gluey, worse and tasteless, then no one may like to take it for the second time. You have to take care of some important points before whip up your mashed potatoes. Here are some smart ways to cook your mashed potatoes.

Credit: Luca Volpe

Choosing the right types of potatoes

The first thing that you need to take care of is purchasing the right potatoes. Choose the perfect potatoes that have a naturally buttery flavor and dense consistency. You need to select higher starch potatoes to get a fluffiest and smoothest taste. You should avoid waxy potatoes with red and white varieties. Because these potatoes take more time to become creamy. It may lead to the dreaded potato paste that may not taste good.

Credit: Syd Wachs

Start with cold water

If you start in hot water, potatoes may cook unevenly. The outside of the potatoes falling apart and inside will not be cooked properly. So at first cover the potatoes with cold water and then start boiling. The potatoes will be cooked evenly and you can mash those perfectly.

Salting the water

While cooking the potatoes add some salt. You can add salt at the early stage of cooking. Then you don’t need to add salt at the end. The starch granules can swell and absorb water while cooking and brings a great result.

Credit: Prince Abid

Drain the potatoes properly

Sometimes we don’t drain the potatoes properly after cooking. But proper draining of potatoes may help you to avoid a mushy and watery mess. You can gently reheat the drained potatoes on the stove to make sure that those are perfectly dried before mashing.

Adding flavor properly

You shouldn’t warm up any flavorings straight from the fridge. Let your butter come to room temperature before melting into the hot potatoes. Then you can mash those potatoes in the warm milk or cream. This process will be effective to absorb more easily and won’t cool everything down.

Credit: Benjamin Manle

Be gentle with your potatoes

Overworking the potatoes may make the mash too gluey and unappetizing. The swollen starch granules of the cooked potatoes are in a delicate state. So don’t try to mash too vigorously. Rather gently mash the potatoes that may provide you the light, fluffy dish.

By following the above steps you will be able to make great tasty mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes will certainly become your thing and you will be able to enjoy the great taste of mashed potatoes every single time.