Exercise as Addiction Recovery Tool


Exercise is one of the important techniques that can deal with stress. It is a positive coping skill that can be helpful to recover addiction. Though most of the time it can serve as a distraction to help get through, sometime it might bring a sense of accomplishment that brings peace and joy in our minds. Exercise can be considered as an outlet to take better care of yourself physically. So whatever the purpose, exercise can be considered a useful tool in addiction recovery. Just performing exercise may not be the only solution to cure the addiction, but it can provide some primary benefits along with other addiction treatments.

Credit: Luis Quintero

Exercise can restore the brain’s balance. While you are exercising, a natural and safe high is created by releasing neurotransmitters that may help you to restore the brain’s balance. It stimulates happiness which is disrupted by alcohol and drug abuse.

Credit: John Arano

Exercise also can be used to reduce stress. Excessive anxiety and stress can be a cause of addiction. It can increase one’s desire to return for any kind of bad addiction. Exercise can act as a form of moving meditation. When you are performing yoga or any kind of gentle exercise, it can help you to forget all the irritations and anxiety. Even high-intensity workouts can bring the same results. It helps you to engage your concentration on other good things in life.

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Many people are suffering from insomnia. Especially people who are trying to recover from alcohol or drug addiction are facing this problem. As the brain-altering effects of the chemicals ingested, so they cannot enjoy a sound sleep. But exercise can be an effective solution in such cases. It can improve sleep quality and mute the stress response. If one can perform daily aerobic workouts, it can serve as a non-pharmaceutical alternative to increase sleep quality. Regular gentle workout may allow you to sleep better and longer.

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Exercise can help you to develop social networks and healthy connections. It also builds healthy relationships. By forming new relationships one can make a substantial impact on addiction recovery. You can play team sports such as basketball of football. These are good forms of doing exercise. If you prefer individual sport like cycling or swimming then you can find a like-minded community where you can enjoy exercise and build camaraderie.

Thus exercise can help you to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy every moment of life.