Pet Dog Figures Out Pregnancy Issues, Before Even The Doctors Could Diagnose It


Whether you are a friend of animals or not, you have surely already heard about the fact that our animal friends have the ability to perceive certain things that are beyond us. If you have pets, cats, dogs or other pets yourself, you may have already seen this phenomenon. Animals are indeed capable of capturing changes in energy or atmosphere in their environment, which allows them to warn us of certain things that we do not perceive directly. This is more commonly referred to as the sixth sense. And it was jer precisely because of her sixth sense that Keola, Alhanna Butler’s little dog, will be able to save her mistress’s life.

Alhanna and her partner Ricky were looking forward to giving birth to a third member of their small tribe. However, as Alhanna was entering her fourth month of pregnancy, Keola began to behave in a very strange way in the presence of the expectant mother. Not being able to understand her dog’s behaviour, the mistress simply decided not to pay more attention to it. Of course, this was before he understood that his dog was not only subject to a few mood swings but that he was really trying to get a message across by constantly kicking him in the stomach.