5 Places to Travel on Budget


The world is full of adorable destinations. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit. Some places are expensive and some are relatively cheap. You can visit some destinations on a budget. If you are wondering to visit the beautiful destinations on a budget, then here some useful suggestions for you. You can visit the following five budget places:


Most people think that Pacific island destinations are expensive to travel. However, it is not always true. You can visit Fiji at a relatively low cost. You can enjoy the pristine beaches, tasty seafood and friendly locals on your budget. As Fiji is a stopover, you will find a lot of deals to the country. You can enjoy the cheap guesthouses, transportation, and tourist activities in some popular islands. Fiji is one of the best budget destinations to travel.

Credit: Nattu Adnan


China is one of the best value places in the world. It always fascinated the travelers with its super cheap destinations. You need to get out of the big cities where you can manage cheap deals. You can find hostels at $20 per night. The per-meal cost is also relatively low in China. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the attractive country by using local transport which is also affordable for any travelers.

Credit: Hanson Lu

South Korea

South Korea is still one of the undiscovered travel destinations. You can enjoy the mind-blowing delicious food and beautiful jaw-dropping countryside views at relatively low cost. This high tech country is relatively less famous among travelers. But you can get a new and different travel experience here at a cheap rate.


Unless you are staying at a five-star resort or enjoying exclusive western meals, you may find India as one of the cheapest destinations to travel. It offers a cheap rate, especially for backpackers. Backpackers easily can travel the whole country at a low cost. There are a lot of cheap guest houses, a low rate of public transport facilities available for tourists. This country has a rich cultural history and incredible regional diversity. The curious and helpful locals will make your tour more noteworthy.

Credit: Pavan Gupta


Thailand is incredible for budget travel. It is the heart of backpacking in Southeast Asia. Here you will find lots of cheap guesthouses. You can enjoy local foods at a low rate. You also can travel to tourist attractions by using local buses. The charming beaches are available at a relatively low cost. Though accommodation cost is high in the beautiful islands, you often can find cheap deals. So Thailand is still one of the most bargain destinations in the world.

Credit: Mathew Schwartz

Without sacrificing lots of comforts you can explore the world on your budget. You just need to move smartly and maximize the uses of your money while traveling.