4 Tips for Budget Travel


Most of us want to travel to all the beautiful destinations in the world. But the budget is the main constraint to make our dreams true. We often fail to save enough money to travel. But every problem has a solution and you have to know the right tricks to solve that issue. Here are some travel tips to save more money:

Merge your breakfast and lunch

If your travel schedule allows you to take lunch early, you can skip your breakfast. By taking breakfast and lunch at the same time you can save some money. Sometimes you have a chance to enjoy local foods at a low rate. You can collect and store those in your backpack for meals later on in the day. By avoiding excess calories, you can lose your weight. You can follow the intermittent fasting which will ensure your mental clarity. Some hostels or hotels offer free tea and coffee. Try to take advantage of that service.

Credit: Brooke Lark

Use carry-on bag

When you travel with a carry-on bag, you can use public transport easily. It will also allow you to share rides. You can eliminate any luggage fees for big luggage. As carry-on bags always with you so it reduces the risk of lost luggage. You need a very short list of items during travel. You rarely regret the things you don’t pack. You can reuse your clothes and buy any small necessary during travel. So think smartly and pack your bag accordingly.

Credit: Álvaro Serrano

Avoid bottled water

While traveling doesn’t be afraid to drink tap water. It may not be as tasty as bottled water or your home water. But it can fulfill your thirst as well as save your money. Some countries have serious sanitation issues. You need to be aware of those countries. If possible you can use a reusable bottle to drink. It also can help you to save money.

Credit: Imani

Make your booking directly

Unless you have any other issue, you can book your hotels directly. Because all the booking sites and apps are taking some charges for their services. By booking directly, you can avoid those charges and enjoy the low rate at hotels and other services you need.

Credit: Kristijan-Arsov

Meanwhile, plan your trip smartly and save more money while traveling. Free walking tours are available in almost every major place in the world. You can easily access that service and enjoy the beauty of the world.