5 Important Features While Choosing a Travel Backpack



Traveling to new countries with a backpack is magical. If you are a backpacker traveler then it will open many opportunities for you. You can discover different cultures and gather life-changing travel experiences. But the first thing that you need is a backpack. A good backpack will allow you to hold your clothing and gear appropriately. Here are some important features that you need to consider while choosing a suitable travel backpack for your next adventure.

Credit: Kevin Schmid


The weight of the travel backpack is the main concern for any backpacker traveler. Because backpackers have to carry almost everywhere in that backpack. So obviously you might want to get the lightest backpack for you. The backpack also needs to be comfortable. A relaxed backpack can save your body from fatigue.


The size of the backpack generally quoted in liters of volume it can carry. If you travel for a day then 15-30 liters backpack is enough for you. 30-40 liters backpacks are comfortable for a weekend trip. But if you want to carry extra clothing or gear, then you may need a 50-60 liters backpack. The weight also varies based on the size of the backpack.

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A travel-friendly backpack must have a front-loading system. It allows you to open the zip easily. You can easily locate any important gear if the backpack has a front-loading feature. It can be opened like a suitcase and you don’t need to dig through the backpack to find your necessary stuff.


Straps are very important features of any travel backpack. You need to select a padded waist strap feature backpack if you plan to wear the backpack for a long period. It will help you to avoid sore shoulders and back pain. The waist strap will distribute the weight of your backpack equally. You can also choose a backpack with padded grab-handles or a duffle-bag strap feature.

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Your travel backpack must have some minimal pockets to carry important gear. Some quick access pockets are required to hold things like keys, passports, sunglasses, chargers, etc. You might also like to carry your laptop or any other electronic devices. So it would be nice if your travel backpack has a separate pocket for carrying a laptop and other gadgets. One pocket should for your filtered water bottle.

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You also need to check other points like zippers, outlooks while purchasing your travel backpack. It also should be weather resistance and easy to carry. The different traveler has different preferences and needs. So it’s better to select your backpack based on your requirements. But some basic requirements shouldn’t be ignored. The above mention tips may guide you to narrow down the overwhelming choices.