Eat More Fiber for a Longer and Happier Life


Every day we take a lot of calories from different types of foods. But we often throw one nutrient element to the wayside. It is dietary fiber. Scientists say that eating fiber is good for health. Taking fiber daily can significantly change the way your gut functions. It could even help you to lose your weight and live a longer life.

Importance of taking fiber

Scientists have gained a deeper understanding of fiber. It has a vital impact on our well-being. The importance of fiber is tied with the importance of our gut microbes. The proper fiber-rich diet can feed the bacteria to thrive. These bacteria are helpful for our digestive system. If you can eat a sufficient amount of fresh fruit, grains, and vegetables, your gut health will enjoy the benefits. If you take low-fiber foods, it can harm your intestinal biome and health. So consuming a few types and the same kind of fiber daily is intimately related to your intestine problems. Therefore, take sufficient and different types of fiber every day.

How to get more fiber

Taking too much fiber may cause digestive distress. You may feel gas and the intestine can be blocked due to eating excess fiber-rich foods. So ramp up your fiber intake slowly and properly. Here are some quick tips to reap the maximum benefits in long-term from fiber friendly diet:

Take seasonal fruits and vegetables

All kinds of fruits and vegetables are enriched with fiber. You can easily add all the seasonal fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. You can simply enjoy a range of health benefits only eating an apple before every meal. Seasonal fruits are not only great for your health but also taste better and less expensive.

Processed foods contain less fiber

Refined foods are lower in fiber. Usually, refined food items remove the insoluble fiber from your food. You may not get the benefits of fiber from these kinds of foods. So to enjoy the benefits of fiber, you need to avoid processed foods and take fresh and raw foods.

Think before ordering at a restaurant

Fast food restaurants often skimp on fruits and vegetables. While ordering at restaurants pick the high-fiber snacks. You can take a lentil salad or bean dish which contains more fiber. When you have a piece of pizza, you can add a handful of peas on the side. Thus you may enjoy the refreshment of a restaurant and can meet the fiber goals for the day.

Start breakfast with fiber

You can start your day by eating oatmeal or whole-grain cereal. You have to explore the world of wholegrain. Whole grain food items contain high fiber. If you eat yogurt for breakfast then try to add sliced fruit and nuts with it.

However, consuming excessive fiber neither sustainable nor healthy. When you focus on one aspect of your nutrient intake, it may not bring great results. So avoid taking fiber extremely high quantities. You need to balance quantities and variations of your diet.