If you see square waves in the ocean get out of the water immediately


44. There’s no real warning of quicksand, but you can get out

Perhaps the last time you saw quicksand was in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which featured several glaring misconceptions about how it works. The thing is, you can’t drown in quicksand and you shouldn’t grab a rope or snake to pull yourself out.

Quicksand is denser than your body, so while your foot will initially push down the sand, causing the water and clay to close around you, you’ll only sink halfway down. Now, if the tide comes in, that’s where the danger of drowning comes in. So, to get out, you have to wiggle your leg a bit and calmly step up. Getting horizontal will help and at some point, you should float back to the top. It’s possible that if the quicksand has gaseous bubbles in it, you will actually be denser than the quicksand and sink. Maybe.