5 Effective Study Tips for All Time


Sometimes study can be monotonic for you. Especially when you are preparing for an exam, the study can create mental pressure for you. As you are not sure how to end up the exam, so it can be a little bit nerve-wracking. The following tips and tricks will help you to enjoy your study:

Use perfume or flavored gum

While studying you can use a scent, body mist, perfume or scented lotion. Chewing flavored gum is also a good practice. You can use the same scent or gum when you are going for any quiz or exam. This scent will trigger the memory you stored in your brain and help you to use the information at a suitable moment. A decent and calming scent also helps you to feel relax. It will refresh your mind. You can concentrate on your studies more effectively.

Love your study

If you can make study fun, it will help you to enjoy the study. Motivate yourself to complete a book or write a paragraph. You can reward yourself once you finish writing to complete the reading. Through positive reinforcement, you can motivate yourself. It will help you to learn with enjoyment.

Keep your notes clean and colorful

Clean and colorful notes will motivate you to focus on studying. Your mind may not want to go through a messy and dirty note. You can use color pens and markers to make your notes attractive. The colorful notes may improve your visual memory. It will also allow you to access the information easily during the exam. Organized, colorful, and clean notes always make the study more efficient and enjoyable.

Teach your study partner

The best way to learn something is to teach someone about the topic. You can build a study group or make a study partner. You can teach or explain the topic to your partner. It will help you to put your thoughts into words. It allows your brain to explain any complex topics.

Listen to recorded lectures

Listening to recorded lectures is very helpful for revising your study. It is really a great way to refresh some topics. You might have studied some topics a few months ago. If you want to recall the topic then you can listen to the recorded lectures.

Finally, it is important to keep your study desk calm and clean. You should keep things familiar in your study room. While studying you also can play a piece of soft music that can stimulant your brain. All these tips will guide you to maintain a steady study environment and can ensure a refreshing mood for your study.