Top 4 Everyday Cooking Tips


If you are a learner then cooking can be a hard task for you. At the initial stage of cooking practice, you may find difficult to measure the cooking ingredients perfectly. You may not be able to scramble the eggs or slice the garlic on your cutting board properly. But some useful tips will make your life easy in the kitchen. These tips may guide you to gain the maximum impact from each ingredient. Here we will provide you a few effective tips to perform your everyday cooking smartly.

  1. Use garlic effortlessly

At first, you need to peel the garlic. Then trim the hard nib from the bottom. After that roll the bulb against a non-stick mat. By maintaining this process you will be able to remove the garlic skin without touching the flesh. After completing all these processes you have to decide whether you would slice, chop or mince the garlic. If you want a good texture with a nutty flavor in your food then you need to slice it. But if you are making a quick recipe, then the best way is to chop it. If you are planning to make long-cooking dishes like soup and stews then you need to use minced or pureed garlic.

  1. Prepare your pan perfectly

Most of the time people put oil on the pan and then heat up on the stove. But it is not the right way. You need to place the pan on the stove and turn on the heat of the stove. Once the pan is hot enough put oil on the pan. After waiting a few moments when you feel the oil is hot enough then put whatever food you want to fry. Before putting your food on the oil make sure that it is in the room temperature.

  1. Know the proper use of oil

You may like to use extra virgin or olive oil for frying. But you have to know well how and when to use olive oil in cooking. The excessive heat can destroy the flavor of the oil. It also may burn and create a bitter taste in your food. So, you can use virgin oil over the salad or add olive oil on warm pasta. That will make your food tastier.

  1. The perfect way to scrambled eggs

If you want to get the fluffiest omelet then you need to maintain some tricks. Add one tablespoon of water to beaten eggs. Heat the pan and then put the beaten eggs into the oil. You will get a fluffier and lighter scramble.

Sometimes the daily cooking process can be overwhelming for us. But by applying these simple and useful tips and you can make food yummy and delicious.