Mindfulness: The State of Relaxation


Can you remember when did you notice the crispness in the morning last time? Or have you recently take time to feel the green of nature? Our life seemingly becomes very busy. Most of us are doing multi-tasks day long. All the time we are in a rush to complete the present tasks while planning the next. As a result, we are losing our connection with the present. When you can pay your attention to the present moment without being judgmental you may feel better. This practice is called mindfulness. By practicing mindfulness you can feel positive changes in your mind and body. It will improve your health attitudes and behavior.

Effective techniques of mindfulness

The goal of mindfulness is to achieve a state of relaxation where you can focus your attention to the thoughts and sensations without any judgment. As mindfulness require less investment of time and effort so it is very valuable. You only need to focus on the world around you rather being worried about the future and moving away from performing multitasks. Here you can take a look at some techniques to achieve the mindfulness:

Don’t be too judgmental

Try to notice the sound, sight, tastes, and touches around you. But never be judgmental. You have to connect with the world around you and have to notice all the sound, taste, touches and sight without being judgmental. Just feel as they are and enjoy the moment.

Let it go

You have to feel the body sensations like itch or tingling without being judgmental. Just let them pass and notice each part of your body in succession. There are many unimportant incidents is happening around you and you don’t need to pay your head in all of those. Learn to avoid those. You have to priorities and focus on the tasks that matter the most in your life.

Control your emotions

You need to practice being steady in any situations. Don’t let your emotions to control you. Rather learn to control your emotions. Some emotions are not important in your life so just allow them to pass.

Take deep meditation

Everyday sits quietly and takes a long breath. Keep silent and feel the inner beauty of your mind and thoughts. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Never be judgmental with your thoughts.

Mindfulness is a practice of accepting reality without being judgmental. It helps you to practice kindness and forgiveness towards yourself as well as others. It will teach you to have more patience and look the world around you without any fretfulness.