These Things Actually Happened in Restaurants After Waiters Got Too Playful


Going out to a restaurant or a bar can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a terrible one. The food can be cold, or perhaps not what you ordered. You could have awful service and the employees are super rude. Perhaps it takes 20 minutes for you to get your drink. On the other hand, everything can go swimmingly and you end up having a great time. There really are so many different possibilities for how this can go.

That being said, there are certain people who often dictate how your time at a restaurant or bar will be. They have total control over your experience. Of course, we’re talking about the servers and bartenders who wait on us. Most of the time, they are just doing their best to keep you satisfied so that they can get a good tip. Other times, they go above and beyond and do what they can to really make things enjoyable. These are some times food industry employees made us laugh so hard, they definitely deserved a decent tip for their service.