There’s a Boy in Russia Who Says He’s from Mars, Here’s Why We Should Listen to Him


Humans have been fascinated by the possibility of life on other planets for the entirety of recorded history. The vastness of space and our inability to truly penetrate its depths combine to make it one of the most tantalizing mysteries of our time. What is out there beyond Earth, beyond the reaches of our view? The idea that something – or someone – could be out there has been the subject of many films, books, and other works of art that comprise a vast subgenre of science fiction and fantasy.

While our fascination with the topic spans millennia, most of our knowledge about life on other planets has been gained within the last two decades. Now, a kid from Russia is adding his voice to the mix, claiming extraterrestrial life does exist and that he is living proof. While many are understandably casting doubt on the kid’s tale, there are those within the scientific community who are less quick to dismiss the boy’s wild stories. Why would scientists pay any attention to the fanciful imaginings of a child? Well, as it turns out, his claims contain specific details about life on Mars, including information no ordinary human has access to.