Man Looks At His Neighbor’s Backyard And Immediately Calls The Police


Dogs are truly man’s best friend, ever deserving of our love and affection. They are always there for us, and, likewise, we should be there for them. However, unfortunately, that wasn’t what Lilo the Pit Bull puppy got. She went unloved and chained to a tree in the yard for her first eight months on this planet.

Then, something even more startling happened. It triggered a massive chain of events that led to an unbelievable rescue attempt—with her life on the line! What happened to little Lilo? Keep reading to discover the redemption of one poor dog from the saddest of circumstances to a new and improved life.

1. Strange Beings

On one rainy day on Phillips Avenue in Greensboro, North Carolina, strange beings were beginning to show up in numbers. It was a wooded neighborhood, full of deciduous trees. And these ominous shapes above were a portent of terrible things to come.

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A terrible vulture flock was circling the sky. This is not a normal sight for a residential area. Closer inspection revealed the fact that they were circling around a local house. But why? This couldn’t be good.