The Russians Are Selling Real Military Tanks To Civilians And This Man Bought One!


What would you do if you bought something random on eBay and, hidden out of sight, a small fortune rested inside? Well, tank enthusiast Nick Mead had this exact situation arise. Just one purchase on eBay changed everything for him and his business. His shocking find rose to international headlines and could even provoke more struggles between two Middle Eastern countries.

Wait, what? You won’t believe just what happened in this amazing tale of one small business owner who miraculously became a millionaire overnight. Once the unthinkable happened, his life would never be the same.

1. A Real Scavenger Hunt

On a day just like any other, Nick Mead was surfing the web looking for another combat-ready vehicle to bolster his growing collection. He was pleased to see a Russian T-54 listed on eBay. As he was a big fan of this kind of tank, he decided to make a sensible investment; after all, he certainly needed this Russian tank for his tank driving experience business, Tanks-A lot.

History Geek

“I saw it advertised and I had this idea of doing a From Russia With Love experience, where people would come and drive three Russian tanks,” Mead reported in an interview with Daily Mail. He wasn’t looking for the treasure hidden inside, but, on this scavenger hunt, there was no way that he could escape from his fate.