Guy Releases This Moose Back Into The Wild, Days Later She Returns With A Surprise!


Not only because of their large size but also because they have a reputation for being territorial and sometimes violent, people often don’t think about keeping moose as a pet. There are, however, sometimes where the rules can be broken, especially when these otherwise wild animals need a little love and affection.

Erikas Plucas found this out for himself when he found a stranded baby moose on his land. He could have never predicted the incredible relationship that they would go on to develop. Even beyond that, he would learn an amazing lesson about how these wild animals can surprise us in unforeseen ways. Keep reading to learn the life-changing story of Plucas and his moose friend.

1. An Easy Life

Some may say the Erikas Plucas lived an easy life on a farm in rural Lithuania. Especially since he was in a remote and forested area, enjoying and exploring the natural world and wildlife was simply a part of his everyday existence.

Erikas loved his quiet and serene life, as he didn’t have to worry about all the commotion and stress of the far-away city. Still, on one day just like every other, something so unexpected happened that his life would never be the same—ever.