Man Buys Old Airplane And Turns It Into His Home



What would you do if you found an airplane out in the forest? Would you think that it was the wreckage from some forgotten accident or a burial ground for old planes put out to pasture? If you happened to be walking through Hillsboro, Oregon, then it’s none of these—in fact, you’ve just stumbled upon the living quarters of a retired electrical engineer and quite inventive man named Bruce Campbell.

Bruce has found a new passion for himself in his old age. He can’t bear to see otherwise good planes turned to scrap metal, so he recycles them into gorgeous homes. This stems from his belief that the potential in an airplane is much greater than just flying through the air. By using his imagination, an old plane, some land, and a little know-how, he has created one of the most original houses of all mankind.

Keep reading to find out how he constructed this unique apartment and to get a glimpse inside!