Couple Decides To Make A Change and 18 Months Later, Their Lives Are Completely Different



If you set a goal to completely change your life, would you be able to stick with it? The couple in our story, Lexi and Danny Reed, did exactly that. One day, when Lexi decided that it was time for a major change, this couple would set out on a journey that would lead to something amazing. Eighteen months later, they are role models for everyone who knows them, and they inspire people who want to change their lives.

This couple is chock full of great advice for enabling your dreams and living the life that you’ve been craving. Read on to hear just what happened on their epic journey. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to change your own life!


  1. Weight Issues

Ever since she was little, Lexi had some weight issues. Since she was a naturally sociable and spirited person, she didn’t let it bring her down too much. Nonetheless, she attempted on multiple occasions to lose that weight by different means, and yet it always returned.

By the time she was 25, Lexi clocked in at 392 pounds and all that extra baggage was beginning to affect her quality of life. Though she maintained a positive outlook and felt fairly happy, she found that her condition was preventing her from chasing after her dreams.