A Look At The Original Cast Of Star Trek and Where They Are Now?


After the airing of one of the most iconic series to ever grace the small screen, television was never the same. The mythical science fiction show in question is the narrative-driven Star Trek. The Tv-series was eventually made into various films and animations, and, furthermore, quite a few actors made a name for themselves by starring in this show. The original series has a following of incredibly loyal fans, Trekkies, as they are affectionally called, and there are millions of them worldwide.

A lot of these actors’ names became synonymous with their Star Trek characters, and this opened a lot of new doors for them down the road. Keep reading to find out just what became of your favorite explorers of the final frontier.

George Takei — Lt. Hikaru Sulu — The Original Series

Even though George Takei was nobody before joining forces with the Star Trek Original Series crew, he shot off to stardom faster than the U.S.S. Enterprise could reach hyper-speed. He was a massive boon for the show’s ratings, and, following his incredible success as Lt. Hikaru Sulu, Takei devoted himself to social and political activism.

Advocating LGBTQ rights and openly gay himself, he has received several awards from the LGBTQ community for his activism. A slight mar on his reputation happened in 2017 when Scott R Brunton accused him of harassment, though Takei took to social media to deny these allegations, saying that it entirely went against his principles.