28 Yesteryear Celebrities Who are Still Alive and Kickin’


You may have thought that all of these famous celebrities from yesterday were retired or passed from this world, but many of them are, in fact, still alive and have continued working. We’ve come to know the Golden Age of Hollywood as such because many of the best actresses and actors to have ever lived were active during this period. Join us as we look into the continued lives of these living legends, many of which are still kicking just the same, and with healthy bank accounts to oot.

Some of these celebrities have tried to maintain a youthful look about them by opting for plastic surgery, while others have decided to embrace old age and the natural beauty that accompanies it. One actress in particular thanks her healthy diet for her long life, and another actor attributes his longevity to dumb luck because he’s escaped one too many dangerous encounters.


Betty White, 96 Years Old

Everyone loves Betty White! This famous actress started small, with a few radio jobs in the 70s, because Hollywood producers thought that she just wasn’t magazine cover material. We have a hard time believing this now, but it’s true! It’s even more shocking when considering that White has the longest running career of any female entertainer on TV, and we don’t expect her to retire anytime soon.

Most people may concern themselves with her health or medical insurances, but White devotes a lot more energy to memorizing scripts for films and TV shows that are upcoming.